Swivel Ring Flange

The QCS Swivel Ring Flange provides a bolt hole alignment feature to simplify subsea pipeline tie-ins.

  • QCS, LLC rotating ring flange completely designed in accordance with ASME requirements, Section VIII.
  • QCS, LLC has entirely designed and manufactured rotating ring flanges in sizes ranging from 2" - 42".


  • The QCS Quali-teeTM mechanical hot tap fitting provides the means to hot tap subsea pipelines without reducing operating pressure.
  • Quality Connector Systems, LLC (QCS), manufactures and maintains an inventory of 8" thru 24”.
  • Reduces the border limits.
  • Reinforced Standard Pressure in structural loads.
  • Reduces longitudinal pressure.
  • Standard Seals.
  • Internal and external coating.

The GriplockTM Mechanical End Connector is used primarily for subsea pipeline repairs, re-routes, and abandonment projects.

The GriplockTM provides subsea pipeline operators with proven means to permanently attach with a flange to a subsea pipeline. Quality Connector Systems, LLC (QCS), manufactures and maintains an inventory of 2" thru 24" GriplockTM mechanical end connectors, which permits fast turnarounds on customer projects.

Quality connectors Systems, LLC (QCS) is a type of cost effective flange that retains high pressures, is a perfect alternative to traditional subsea valves. This type of flange eliminates the use of valves, as well as their fabrication and installation costs.

  • This type of flanges are fabricated with A694 forgings.
  • Provides pressure containment without the use of a valve.
  • Reduces installation costs compared with underwater use valves.

The QCS Piggable Wye is a "Y" shaped pipeline fitting designed to facilitate the pigging and cleaning of lateral subsea pipeline systems. The WYE can be manufactured from single carbon steel forging or casting.

There are two pipe inlets, each configured at an angle of 15 degrees from the center line of the fitting for a 30 degree angle of entry between the two inlets. It is designed to conform to ASME regulations.

The dual DirectorTM Bi-Directional Piggable Wye has the unique ability to accommodate bi-directional and/or reverse flow pigging through both the main line and lateral line of the wye due to a unique internal mechanism.


Purpose: To protect underwater structures and pipelines from damage caused by:

  • Mudslides.
  • Anchor Drag.
  • Iceberg Scouring.

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